Company History

Here at Walker’s, our family have been serving the community for over 70 years being established in 1945 by Reg and Dorothy Walker. They occupied premises at Corney Square, Penrith. As well as being the only carriage masters in the area, they also had a thriving taxi business which included transporting many children to schools in Penrith (most of them never missed a day at school), delivering school meals from central kitchens to outlying schools, collecting fresh fish from the railway station and delivering to local large hotels, delivering cash to country banks, all now things very much in the past.

They also had limousines for weddings, transported TV personalities and heads of state round the Lake District and self- drive vehicles. They also did parcel deliveries throughout Cumbria for City Link. They supplied vehicles and bearers for the other undertakers in town and the local villages. They were also wholesale suppliers of coffins and funeral goods in the area.

The funeral side of the business moved from Corney Place to Tynefield House in 1986. The property was in a very poor state of repair and needed a tremendous amount of work doing before their vision for a funeral home was achieved. Over the years many things have changed whilst other things have remained the same. Although computers have replaced typewriters all existing and future records are hand written and logged.