(Amounts paid by us on your behalf, over which we have no control)

Only 3 or 4 of those listed below may apply to any one funeral. These vary considerably but typically fall between the figures set out below.

Newspaper Notices:


£50 to £80


£70 to £90


£200 to £380

Fees if Service is held in Church:

These vary considerably and usually include the Minister, Organist and PCC fees etc.

£200 to £380
(An extra charge is usually made for recorded music)

Burial (Interment) Fees:



Local Authority Cemetery


Burial (Interment) Fees:

At local authority cemeteries the grave must be purchased before a monument/headstone can be erected.


Where the burial is in a Churchyard, it is necessary to employ a gravedigger.


Provision of 4 Bearers


Cremation Fees

This includes use of the Service Chapel and Cremation,

Organist and use of organ typically £81.00. Interment of cremated remains in garden of remembrance £26.00


Medical Certificate Fees:(Cremation only)

(On some occasions Doctors add travelling expenses)

Order of Service Cards:

from £69

Refreshments and Floral Arrangements etc

We can of course give you a guide, but as these vary considerably, we would ascertain prices for you should you require them.