Funeral Choices


Our coffins are made to the highest standard. They are finished and polished here in our workshop where we also fit the handles of your
choosing and engrave the nameplate. Our caskets are fully lined and upholstered and can be viewed in our showroom.

Medium Oak with Panel Side from £532

Mahogany from £498

Light Oak from £487

Hand woven Willow and seagrass £493

Hand Woven Willow from £493

Swaledale Woolen Coffin from £619

Antique Oak from £537

Quality Re-enforced Cardboard from £336

Picture Coffins P.O.A

American Style Caskets P.O.A


If you decide upon cremation… what about the ashes?
You will need, at some point, to decide the final destination of the cremated remains (ashes).

There are very few restrictions in this regard, we will explain all the options, but with many things on your mind and perhaps other family members to consider, you may wish to leave this decision for a little while, this is quite common. If you cannot decide at the time, do not feel under any pressure. Shortly after the funeral, we can collect the ashes and bring them back to Our Chapel for safekeeping awaiting your further instructions.

Our cremated remains urns and caskets can be used for interments or to keep in your own home. We also have a collection of scattering urns and small Keepsakes
(Wooden caskets are complete with engraved name plate)

Oak Ashes Casket £52

Woollen Ashes Casket £110

Small Ashes keepsake £45

Willow & Seagrass Casket £55

Forrest Scattering Tube £26