Tynefield House, Penrith

Tynefield House is a beautiful Georgian mansion situated on Bridge Lane (A6 road) on the southern approach to Penrith town centre. Built in 1804 by The Rimmington Family. It was built as the families country residence, their main residence being Mansion House in the centre of town. During the Great war of 1914/18 the house was used as a dental Hospital, the 2nd World War saw the house again taken over, this time by the Army. Much of the early developments of Radar were carried out here in great secrecy. During a succession of owners from 1946 the house fell into a state of dereliction until taken over by Peter and Eileen in 1985. They, after being obliged to demolish part of the building (Coach House and stables) added to, and greatly restored the home. This elegant building remains the family home and will hopefully serve the next generation.